Zdravo Organic

Our factory was built 20 years ago, as a greenfield investment, and then we have been successfully processing fruit and vegetables into pressed juices. During the construction and arrangement of the factory, the legal provisions were respected, as well as the requirements of the standard.


  • Our premium segment juices they are really 100% NFC (not from concentrate) cold pressed juices.
  • Instead of water and sugar we are using 100% natural – fresh pressed vegetable and fruits only to achieve best quality of products.
  • Juices are gently pasterized. Products are packed on not returnable glass bottles only.

Production capacities: 40.800 pieces per day (bottle 0.2l); 35.280 pieces per day (bottle 0.75l)

Export markets: We export to the following countries: Serbia, Slovaki, Russia, Montenegro, Philippines, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Germany, Mongolia, the United Arab Emirates, USA.

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001, HACCP, VEGAN/VEGETERIAN, ORGANIC, KOSHER

A: Marsala Tita 2b, 21425 Selenca, Serbia
P: +381 21 774 059
M: +381 63 10 44 999
E: office@zdravo.rs