Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) is an independent, modern and responsible non-budgetary institution, a national association of all Serbian businesspeople, which serves the best interests of its members and the Serbian economy, owing to its tradition, experience and knowledge. CCIS is defined by the Law as an association of companies and entrepreneurs. A 165-year tradition of the Serbian chamber system and the developed chamber network, Representative Offices abroad, are the guarantor of efficient implementation of the support mechanisms for the economy and businesspeople in their activities. Linking the entire Serbia΄s economy in a single system, classified by economic sectors in 19 business associations and by regions in 17 regional chambers, including the City of Belgrade. Key commitment is to make Serbia visible as a market economy country, with investment opportunities, open borders, and ready to join the European trends in a competitive way.

CCIS activities:

  • Representing interests of our members before the governmental bodies and institutions;
  • Representing interests and positions of members through participation in drafting laws and other regulations important for the business community;
  • Connecting business companies in domestic and international market;
  • Issuing business documents and providing high-quality information;
  • Supporting the process of digitalization and education of the economy;
  • Promoting the economy in the country and abroad;
  • Disseminating business information to our members;
  • Consultancy services;
  • Fostering good business practice and business ethics;
  • Work of Courts and Arbitration hosted by CCIS.


塞尔维亚工商会(CCIS)是一个独立、现代、可靠的非预算型机构,是面向所有塞尔维亚商人的全国性协会。CCIS拥有优秀的传统和丰富的经验、知识,致力于为成员和塞尔维亚经济谋求利益最大化。塞尔维亚工商会(CCIS)依法(塞尔维亚政府公报第112/15号)定义为企业和企业家协会组织。CCIS采用在塞尔维亚具有 165 年历史的商会制度、建立了发达的商会信息网并成立了多个驻海外办事处,这些举措为经济发展和商人的业务往来提供了切实有效的保证。整个塞尔维亚经济就是由塞尔维亚工商会(CCIS)联系在一起,按行业分,CCIS有19个商业协会,按地区分,CCIS则有包括贝尔格莱德市在内的17个地区商会;我们郑重承诺,将为塞尔维亚发展市场经济贡献力量,创造投资机会、加快边界开放,增加塞尔维亚在欧洲市场的竞争力。


  • 参与起草重要的商业法律及其他法规,表达成员的利益和立场
  • 与政府机关和机构有利益冲突时,维护成员的利益
  • 促进国内商业企业和国外商业企业合作;
  • 发布商业文件与提供有价值信息;
  • 支持经济数字化和经济教育;
  • 促进国内外经济发展;
  • 向会员提供商业信息;
  • 咨询服务;
  • 良好的商业行为和商业道德培养;
  • CCIS 主持的法院和仲裁工作.

A: Resavska 13-15, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 33 00 910