Zdravo Organic

Zdravo Organic is a company for processing fruits and vegetables, founded on October 2007. In the middle of 2018, Zdravo Organic was acquired by the Slovak company Kon-Rad from Bratislava and became its 100% owner.
Zdravo Organic produces a wide range of quality products from fruits and vegetables using the process of pasteurization, no preservatives, flavorings and other additives. Production facility is built in accordance with European standards and equipped with most modern equipment and technology.


  • Natural, freshly squeezedjuices (NFC), withoutadded sugarandwater (apple juice, beetroot-apple juice, beetroot-blueberry -apple juice, carrot-apple juice, pear-apple juice, blackberry-apple juice, raspberry-apple juice, strawberry-apple juice, sour cherry-apple juice, apricot-apple juice, peach-apple juice, orange-apple juice, grapefruit-apple juice, tomato juice, spicy tomato juice,apple-cinnamon juice, pomegranate-apple juice, tomato-celery juice, apple-ginger juice,apple- chokeberry juice) ;
  • Soursalad(beetroot, cucumber, peppers, hot peppers, grilled peppers, etc.), ajvar and diet jams (apricot jam, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, plum jam).

Production capacities: 3.000 t products on an annual basis.
Export markets:  Slovakia, Czech Republic, China, Russia, Montenegro, Slovenia, USA, Philipines, Canada, Germany, Ukraine… etc.
Standards and certifications: ISO 9001, HACCP, Vegan, Kosher.

A: Marsala Tita 2b, 21425 Selenca, Serbia
P: +381 21 774 059
M: +381 63 10 44 999
E: office@zdravo.rs