Vinarija Rubin

Rubin Winery is located in Southeast Europe, an area ideal for growing vines. It is the largest producer of grapes, wine and spirits in its country with a tradition of over 60 years. Rubin’s portfolio includes wines and spirits with over 80 products. In the category of wines, table, quality and top wines, as well as sparkling wines that are produced by the classic champagne method. The company’s annual sales are over 17 million liters of alcoholic beverages. The products are exported to over 20 countries around the world from America to Australia.


  • Spirits – Vinjak, Vinjak 5, Vinjak XO, Loza, Prepečenica, Vodka, Gin, Gorka tajna, Liker 7 Breskava, Liker 7 Lemoneto, Liker 7 Blue Curacao, Liker 7 Cherry, Liker 7 Triple Sec
  • Premium wines – Amante Rina, Amante Aurora, Amante Matea, Amante Carmen
  • Wines with seal – Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Prokupac, Sauvignon Blanc, Muskat, Merlot and Rose
  • Table wines – Stari grad, Car Lazar, Carica Milica, Vranac, Rubinovo crno, Rubino bijelo, Graševina, Rose, Medveđa krv, Smederevka, Rizling
  • Sparkling wines – Vronsky belo, Vronsky crveno
  • Other products – Vermouth, Špricer beli, Špricer rose, Vinjak cola, Gin tonic, Vodka soda lime, Vodka soda blueberry, Vodka soda original taste

Production capacities: 17 million lit / year

Export markets: USA, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001; HACCP

A: Cara Lazara 291, 37000 Kruševac
P: +381 37 41 27 51
M: +381 64 88 04 094