Verkat Winery

Verkat Winery is a small family business founded by two sisters, Sonja and Natasa VrkaSć, in an effort to preserve a unique family vineyard of Malvasia Istriana on Fruška Gora mountain known for its rich wine history. In addiSon to this Mediterranean wine variety Verkat made significant local and internaSonal success with Grašac beli, wine variety local to the region. Making wines exclusively from grapes grown in their own vineyards, Verkat is commiaed to responsible producSon of fine wines from Fruška gora.


  • Verkat Malvazija 2021
  • Verkat Grašac beli 2020
  • Verkat Roze 2021
  • Verkat Malvazija Barrique 2021
  • Verkat Grašac beli 4.0 2021
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Production Capacities:

  • Verkat Malvazija 12000l per year
  • Verkat Grašac beli up to 8000l per year
  • Verkat Roze 5000l per year
  • Verkat Malvazija Barrique 1200l per year

Export markets: EU, USA

Standards and certifications: HACCP Standard

Verkat Winery
A: Jovana Grčića Milenka 13, 21311 Čerević, Serbia
P: +381 63 89 40 316
M: +381 63 10 56 181