Ultra Papir

Established in 2013, Ultra Papir was oriented to provide best products with service excellence. We were and still are, oriented to provide excellent quality with on time delivery.  Company started its life oriented to small local shops, hotels, restaurants, fast food corners, and pump stations. As we grow our products portfolio grows and we started cooperation with domestic retailers.

At the moment we are present across Serbia in Ultra brand and also with PL in several domestic and foreign retailers (Mercator, Univerexport, Gomex, Aroma, Veroupoulos), with constant export to the neighboring countries.

Company is located at Novi Banovci near the High Way (Belgrade – Novi Sad).


  • Toilet paper ( wide range of weights and packages) , kitchen towels, napkins, tissue
  • Our current product range comprises over 50 different SKUs.
  • Our best-selling items are 10/1 and 8/1 3ply toilet paper and kitchen towels 2ply.
  • Mainly we are working with 100% cellulose, but we are producing recycled paper also, colored bleached and grey.

Production capacities: 250 T/month

Export markets: Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia, France, Switzerland, USA, Austria.

Standards and certifications:  ISO 9001, ISO 14001

ULTRA Papir 2M doo Novi Banovci
A: Cara Dušana 6, 32401, Novi Banovci
P:+381 22 800 746
M:+381 63 47 57 37
E: office@ultrapapir.rs