Trayal Corporation

By the decree of Milan Obrenović, king of Serbia, in 1889 the “Gunpowder Works Obilićevo” was founded and to this days production of industrial explosives has the longest tradition. The production based on rubber processing started to develop in 1963 by manufacturing technicalrubber

goods and tires for bicycles, mopeds and scooters, cars, based on the Contract of Joint Venture and Technology transfer with French partners KLEBER, CIFAL, SETILEX. The production of protective devices dates back in 1925, when the production of the M-27 Protective Mask started. After World War II , the entire asortiment of the products intended for personal and collective protection was developed.TRAYAL CORPORATION is a reliable manufacturer, which places its products onto the domestic and foreign market, to the EU countries, former Yugoslav Republics and USA. All the products of TRAYAL CORPORATION have been homologated in well-known Institutes worldwide, and according to the world standards. Work motto is the permanent enhancement of the volume of manufacture and sales as well as the improvement of quality which is why it belongs to the group of the greatest exporters in Serbia and in the region.


  • Horizon protective mask
  • Protective half mask PM-1
  • Combined filter 250 K2P3 R
  • Particle filter P3 R
  • Combined filter 250 A2B2P3 R
  • Filter CBRN 30
  • Children’s mask MD-1

A: Parunovačka 18v, 37000 Kruševac, Serbia
P: +381 37 42 23 28
M: +381 61 28 12 720