TEMET winery

In honour of nature, Earth and Sun, the TEMET winery was built on the hill surrounded by vineyards. TEMET winery cultivates 37.8 ha of vineyards, divided into 19 plots distributed in two localities, 250-330 m above sea level. The topography of “Temet Hill” offers three types of different land, which enabled the planting of indigenous varieties Prokupac, Morava, Tamjanika, but also selected expositions for Burgundy Gray, Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon. The vines are carefully selected, with different clones that together offer the best characteristics of each variety. The method of cultivation enables the development of the vine, which is forced to compete with each other in controlled conditions and to absorb nutrients and moisture from the soil. This competitiveness makes the vine strong enough to produce high quality grapes. The grapes come exclusively from our vineyard. We strive to maintain a strong connection with the vine through all our knowledge and respect for the environment. We remain traditionalists despite the growing development of wine technology. The work in the vineyard (pruning, varnishing, vine picking, grape picking) is done exclusively by hand, which results in improved wine quality. Since 2018, we have been growing our vine only by natural organic methods, without chemical fertilizers or insecticides. We believe that modern knowledge can be applied to traditional methods of wine production. The annual production is divided into several lines of wine, different in variety, complexity and position of the vineyards from which they originate.

Products: Tri Morave white, Tri Morave red, Tri Morave rose, Tri Morave sparkling, Ergo white, Ergo red, Tri Morave reserve red, Tri Morave reserve white and more

Production capacities: 250,000 litters

Export markets: Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, China, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Sweden

Standards and certifications: HCCAP and organic

A: Lozovik bb, 35000 Jagodina, Serbia
M: +381 69 30 39 183
E: info@temet.rs