Tehnolink is a company manufacturing generator sets, which is located in the Republic of Serbia, Eastern Europe.
Tehnolink doo is a well-established organization deeply rooted in the electro-mechanical industry providing innovative and reliable energy solutions – back up energy supply.
Operating for over 15 years, Tehnolink is the market leader in manufacturing, installing and commissioning power solutions, diesel generating sets and automatic panels. By its presence in Western, Eastern and Southern Europe, Tehnolink strives to support its partners in all phases of the project, from its conceptual design, development, definition and calculation of the required power of the diesel generator to finalization and installation on a “turnkey” basis.


We are producing generators sets with standard and custom performances for any energy need in power range 3-2500kVA.

  1. Portable gasoline models 3-8 kVA
  2. Industrial diesel generators: 10-2500 kVA
  3. Cogeneration plants CHP
  4. Automatic switch panels

Application such as: supersilent (55dBA@7m), with integrated dummy load (radiator mounted load banks), ISO and modular container generators, generators for military purpose.

Production capacities: The current manufacturing program covers capacity of 500 units per year.

Export markets: (Germany, Austria, Greece, Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Croatia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia, North Macedonia)

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO/ IEC: 27001: 2013, ISO/ IEC: 41001:2018, CE

A: Ogledna polja br.55, 21233 Čenej, Serbia
P: +381 21 210 06 50
M: +381 60 881 10 01
E: info@tehnolink.net