Sweet House Exclusive

Sweet House exclusive Ltd. is a private company situated in Arandjelovac Serbia which produces handmade frozen cakes and desserts under the brand identity Slatki Dar (eng. Sweet Gift). Ever since it started work, our company has been constantly growing and developing itself.

Producing for different markets, we have gained the knowledge and skills to produce a wide range of products and meet the expectations of customers and consumers. In cooperation with long-term suppliers, over 100 different products are developed and implemented in our development center every year. Equipped with the latest technologies, our production is able to produce small desserts of various shapes, cakes for retails and large cakes for the HoReCa channel. We are distributing our products all over Serbia and, in that way, we are acquiring more and more new and satisfied customers. Over 50% of our production is exported to the Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, USA markets mostly under private labels.

We have implemented the standards IFS in the process of service, production and distribution. Having established and improved food safety management systems we have met the needs and expectations of our customers. Products such as cakes Sacher torte, Dobos torte, Esterházy torte are produced with carefully selected ingredients according to original recipes. Our goal is to strive to meet the needs of our customers, create value and make a difference by providing affordable high quality products.

Products: Frozen cakes and desserts

Production capacities:  2mil.

Export markets: Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Russia, USA,

Standards and certifications: IFS, UTZ, FDA registration.

Sweet House Exclusive ltd
A: Milosava Vlajica 92 Sopot- Beograd
P: +381 34 724 292
E: sweethouse@exclusive.rs