Šurlan distillery

Welcome to Šurlan Distillery, where tradition meets innovation in the heart of Northern Vojvodina. The vision is simple yet profound – a constant enhancement of the quality of the products and raising the standards of rakija production. We believe in blending time-tested techniques passed down through generations with innovations to create beverages that captivate the senses.

The commitment to preserving the authenticity of Serbian rakija, using locally sourced fruit and proven methods that pay homage to the cultural heritage of the region is at the core of the distillery. The team carefully selects the finest fruit, handcrafting each batch with precision and care to ensure every drop embodies the true spirit of Serbia.

Šurlan Distillery began as a humble family business driven by love for the craft and dedication to quality. Join them on a journey through the flavors of Serbia, where each sip tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and the evolution of a small family enterprise. Cheers to the past, present, and future of Šurlan rakija – where every bottle is a testament to their passion for perfection.



  • ŠURLAN yellow grape brandy 0.7
  • ŠURLAN yellow quince brandy 0.7
  • ŠURLAN sour cherry liqueur r 0.7
  • ŠURLAN William pear brandy 0.7
  • ŠURLAN plum yellow brandy 0.7
  • ŠURLAN plum brandy 0.7
  • ŠURLAN raspberry liqueur 0.7
  • ŠURLAN grape brandy 0.7
  • ŠURLAN honey liqueur 0.7
  • ŠURLAN apricot brandy 0.7
  • ŠURLAN apple brandy 0.7
  • ŠURLAN quince brandy 0.7
  • ŠURLAN Selection plum yellow box 0.7
  • ŠURLAN Selection plum yellow 0.7
  • ŠURLAN Selection apricot box 0.7
  • ŠURLAN Selection apricot 0.7
  • ŠURLAN Selection quince box 0.7
  • ŠURLAN Selection William pear 0.7
  • ŠURLAN Selection quince 0.7
  • ŠURLAN Selection William pear box 0.7
  • ŠURLAN Selection plum yellow 0.05
  • ŠURLAN Selection apricot 0.05
  • ŠURLAN Selection William pear 0.05
  • ŠURLAN Selection quince 0.05

Production capacities:

  • Fermentation plant – 220 t
  • Distillation plant – 1100 lit
  • Filling plant – 480 bottles per hour

Export markets: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia and The Czech Republic

Standards and certifications: HACCP is being implemented

A: Zdravka Čelara 17, 23313 Novi Kozarci, Serbia
P: +381 64 383 54 57
M: +381 65 383 54 54
E: surlan.darko@gmail.com