Strauss Adriatic

Company Strauss Coffee B.V. entered Serbian market as a part of the Strauss Group by acquiring Doncafé brand in 2003. The new Strauss Adriatic factory was built in 2007 and is one of the most modern coffee factories in Southeast Europe, with equipment that enables the processing and packaging of coffee according to the highest standards. Thanks to our hard-working and professional people, we bring the highest quality coffee to coffee lovers in Serbia and around the world through our three brands: Doncafé, C kafa and BeanZ. Today at Strauss Adriatic we employ over 200 people, and we are one of the leading companies both in retail and in the away-from-home segment (AFH). From 2020 we are also present in e-commerce. We continuously work to improve our business, guided by the principles of sustainable development, because we believe that companies can profit by solving problems and not by creating new ones. This means that we are constantly looking for new partners who operate in the field of FMCG distribution and HoReCa activities, as well as suppliers with innovative and practical ecological solutions. You can find more about our commitments in the field of sustainable development at:

Products: Espresso, Capsules, Instant mixes, Green, Moment, C kafa

Production capacities: 15,000 tons of finished products
Export markets: Austria, Germany, Sweden, Nederland, Belgium, USA, Canada, Australia, China, North Macedonia

Standards and certifications: Quality Management System, HACCP system, Food Safety System Certification 22000 FSSC 22000, version 5.1, ISO 14001 -2015 environmental protection standard, ISO 45001 -2018 health and safety standard

Strauss Coffee B.V. 公司 (施特劳斯-咖啡B.V.),作为 Strauss/施特劳斯集团的一部,于2003年收购了 Doncafé品牌,以及这样进入了塞尔维亚市场。 Strauss Adriatic(施特劳斯-亚得里亚海)业务部的新工厂建于2007年,是东南欧最现代化的咖啡工厂之一,其设备使咖啡加工和包装达到最高标准。由于我们勤奋和专业的员工,我们通过我们的三个品牌Doncafé,C 咖啡和 BeanZ,给塞尔维亚和世界各地的咖啡爱好者带来最优质的咖啡。今天,在 Strauss Adriatic(施特劳斯-亚得里亚海)公司,我们雇佣了 200 多名员工。我们是零售和离家领域 (AFH/远离家乡的食物) 的领先公司之一,并且,从2020年起,我们还在线销售中也是领先公司之一。我们在可持续发展原则的指导下不断努力改进我们的业务,因为我们相信公司可以通过解决问题而不是通过创造新问题来获利。因此,我们不断寻找在快速消费品 (FMCG) 分销和HoReCa(酒店/餐厅/咖啡厅)活动领域运营的新合作伙伴,以及具有创新和实用环境解决方案的供应商。 您可以在以下网址上找到更多关于我们在可持续发展领域的承诺

产品:浓缩咖啡,Capsules,Instant mixes/速溶混合物,Green,Moment,C 咖啡

生产能力:15 000 吨成品


标准与认证:质量管理体系,HACCP体系(危害和关键控制点的分析)证书,食品安全体系认证 22000, FSSC (食品安全体系认证)22000,5.1版,ISO(国际标准化组织 )14001-2015环保标准,ISO(国际标准化组织 ) 45001-2018证书,健康与安全标准

Strauss Adriatic
Miloša Obilića 41, 22310 Šimanovci, Serbia
P:  +381 22 408 000 ǀ +381 22 40 80 248
M: +381 60 95 53 004