Stara Sokolova

Stara Sokolova is one of the oldest distilleries from Serbia, with a market presence of more than 27 years.

The modern production of Stara Sokolova is now in its third generation in the Bogdanović family, which has honed and refined the age-old techniques for producing plum brandy. It is the largest grower of plum in the region and a leader in the production of premium brandies. Today, it offers more than 14 different products, and produces 150,000 bottles of various spirits annually.

Other delicious spirits from the Stara Sokolova distillery are grape, quince, Williams pear brandy, etc. Around 70% of its production is exported all over the world and records a continuous growth.


  • Stara Sokolova 12 Lux, Plum Brandy 12 years old
  • Stara Sokolova 7 Lux, Plum Brandy 7 years old
  • Stara Sokolova Dunja, Quince Brandy
  • Stara Sokolova Kajsija, Apricot Brandy
  • Stara Sokolova Viljamovka, Williams Pear Brandy
  • Stara Sokolova Kleka, Plum Brandy with juniper berries
  • Stara Sokolova Travka, Plum Brandy with herbs
  • Stara Sokolova Medovača, Plum brandy with honey
  • Stara Sokolova Orahovača, Walnut liqueur
  • Soko Vinjak V.S.O.P.

Production capacities: 135,000 litres

Export markets: Germany, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Denmark, Russia, Canada, USA, Australia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Singapore

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001:2015

A: Dimitrija Tucovića 40, 31000 Užice, Serbia
P: +381 31 51 67 51 | +381 11 24 18 295
M: +381 64 82 55 300