Stara Sokolova

In the heart of Serbia, the Bogdanović family is making premium brandy under the Stara Sokolova label. As per family recipe from 1897, passed down by 8 generations, the distillery expertly blends tradition and modern technologies, producing the most awarded Serbian rakija. The best fruit distillates age in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks, creating remarkable, lavish, and complex flavors. Stara Sokolova – where love for tradition brings the best rakijas, uniting the past and present into a unique organoleptic experience.


  • Stara Sokolova Plum 7 LUX
  • Stara Sokolova Plum 7
  • Stara Sokolova Williams Pear Brandy
  • Stara Sokolova Quince Brandy
  • Stara Sokolova Apricot Brandy
  • Stara Sokolova Plum Brandy with Honey
  • Stara Sokolova Plum Brandy 12 LUX
  • Stara Sokolova Quince Brandy LUX
  • Stara Sokolova Apricot Brandy LUX
  • Stara Sokolova Plum Brandy with Herbs
  • Stara Sokolova Plum Brand with Juniper
  • Stara Sokolova Plum Brandy with Baby-Green Walnuts
  • Užičanka (traditional slivovitz)
  • Stara Sokolova Mullet Brandy
  • Etno Sokolica (traditional style, double-distilled rakija)
  • Bitter liqueur Zlatiborski Vrh

Production capacities: 200.000 bottles per year

Export markets: United States of America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Deutschland, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Italy, Malta, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Russia, North Macedonia and Bulgaria

Standards and certifications: System Certification ISO 9001

A: Momčila Tešića 14,  31000 Užice, Serbia
P: +381 31 51 67 51 | +381 11 24 18 295
M: +381 64 82 55 300