Sitoplast was founded in 1988 on 2500m2 of newly built business premises. Our business activities are the packaging and labelling of products, flexo printing and the design of product packaging.

At the very beginning, Sitoplast was a relatively small company with great ambitions. We have realized that the key to success are a satisfied customer and constant investments in new technologies. Soon after that we started to expand our production program and to strive to achieve the highest standard possible. All of this was aimed at maximizing compliance with the needs of our clients.

The production program:

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Aluminium lids
  • Multilayer materials
  • Paper bags for bread
  • Production of polyethylene and polypropylene processing
  • Cardboard packaging

A: Ive lole ribara 92, 25253 Ratkovo, Serbia