Simex Original

Since its establishment in 1991, the Company Simex Original has been striving to develop its own production facilities and to improve technological processes in line with European and global standards. Today, Simex is one of the most modern producers of fruit brandy and spirits in Serbia.
The production process is organized and controlled by experts, starting from the entry of fruit in the factory to the delivery of the finished product.
Due to the growing demands of consumers, Simex puts special emphasis on the health safety of its products, using the integrated quality management system ISO 9001 and food safety in accordance with IFS Food, Version 6.


  • Fruit brandies: Wolfs brandy and S-original brandy;
  • Vodka: Balkan vodka, Opet vodka
  • Manastirska šljiva – fruit brandy
  • Liqueurs: Pelinkovac – herbal liqueur, Mistique liqueurs choco &cherry, Kruškovac – pear liqueur
  • Vermouth
  • Other fruit brandies made of plum and grape

Production capacities: 2 million litres per year
Export markets: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Russian Federation
Standards and certifications: ISO 9001, IFS Food ver. 6

自 1991 年成立以来,Simex Original 公司一直致力于开发独立的生产设施,并根据欧洲和全球标准改进工艺流程。如今,Simex 已成为塞尔维亚最现代化的水果白兰地和烈酒生产商之一。


由于消费者的需求不断增长,Simex 特别侧重于其产品的健康安全性,遵循 ISO 9001 综合质量管理体系和 IFS Food 第 6 版把控食品安全。


  • 水果白兰地: Wolfs brandy 和 S-original brandy;
  • 伏特加:Balkan vodka、Opet vodka
  • Manastirska šljiva – 水果白兰地
  • 利口酒: Pelinkovac –草本利口酒,Mistique 巧克力和樱桃利口酒,Kruškovac – 梨子利口酒
  • Vermouth
  • 其它以梅子和葡萄制作的水果白兰地

产量: 每年 200 万升
出口市场: 波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那、黑山、克罗地亚、俄罗斯联邦
标准和认证: ISO 9001、IFS Food 第 6 版

A: Segedinski put 80, 24000 Subotica, Serbia
P: +381 24 655 555
M: +381 65 9111 006