Shadownet FOP

FOP “Novi Bečej” factory has been producing agricultural machines and equipment for more than 60 years. High product quality and modern solutions that follow market requirements are our priority.

From spring to autumn soil preparation, the machines we produce make it easier for you and improve your work in agriculture.

FOP “Novi Bečej” produces: seed drills, germinators, plows, disc harrows, cultivators for inter-row tillage – rippers, cultivators with “S” springs, AgroCut (roller with knives), harrows, underminers, tractor accessories.

Products/Services: sowing preparation cultivators, germinators, ploughs, disc harrows, inter-row cultivators – rippers, “S” spring cultivators, AgroCut (cutter roller), harrows, deep subsoilers, tractor accessories.

Production capacities: FOP “Novi Bečej” has a complete technological chain from machining, laser cutting, through hot and cold deformation processing, to high-quality locksmithing and welding works and its own anti-corrosion protection.

Export markets: Germany, Austria, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary

A: Kumanački drum 11, 23272 Novi Bečej, Serbia
P: +381 23 77 15 00