Sena Spirits

Sena Spirits is a manufacturer of fruit spirits, fruit distillates and herbal liqueurs. With the big capacities of fermentation and distillation, Sena Spirits is one of the biggest producers of fruit distillates in the World. Apart from selling fruit distillates, the company is also producing fruit spirits under the brand called “Respekt”. Based on the capacities, the company can offer producing fruit brandies under private label of the customer.


  • Plum brandy 3 years old
  • Plum brandy (inox)
  • Quince
  • Apricot
  • William pear
  • Honey brandy
  • Raspberry
  • Sour Cherry
  • Herbal liqueur (Waldjäger)

Production capacities: 200.000 L of fruit distillates, 600.000l of fruit brandies

Export markets: China, Canada, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Czechia, Germany, Switzerland

Standards and certifications: ISO22000/2018

A: Industrijska BB, 34000, Kragujevac, Serbia
P: +381 34 301 585
M: +381 63 7496 099