Sanum Per Fructus

Sanum Per Fructus  is a company of third generation of beekeeping and honey enthusiasts, that produces quality and 100% natural honey products. They are exporting 70% of their productions. High quality honey is packed in different kinds of packages. Company is always improving its products and is looking for better solutions in packaging, and listening to demands of customers. Their main goal is to always look for new product and innovative ideas.

With the honey processing capacity of 1000t a year, using the most contemporary equipment and  by conforming to the requirements established by the DPP- Good Manufacturing Practice, DHP- Good Hygienic Practices and HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, we guarantee the quality, safety and security of our products, making purchases safe and simple. We have reached the top quality in production, and both the packaging and transportation of our products. We are certified with FSSC 22000, FDA, EU organic (EOS).

Products: All kinds of honey, in different packaging, from HORECA to bulks, also all kinds of organic honey, cold processed honey with lyophilized fruit.

Production capacities: 1.000 tons of packed honey a year

Export markets: Germany, Norway, USA, Australia, Qatar,

Standards and certifications: FSSC 22000, Organic EU, FDA USA, HACCP

Sanum Per Fructus 是第三代养蜂和蜂蜜爱好者的公司,该公司生产优质和 100% 天然蜂蜜产品。 公司出口70%的产品。 优质蜂蜜采用不同类型的包装。 公司不断改进其产品并寻找更好的包装解决方案,关于这个它倾听自己客户的要求。 该公司的主要目标是始终寻找新的产品和创新理念。

我们拥有每年 1000 吨的蜂蜜加工能力,使用最先进的设备并符合良好生产规范的要求、良好卫生规范的要求以及HACCP 系统(危害和关键控制点的分析)的要求,我们保证质量,我们产品的安全性和保障性,使购物又安全又简单。 我们在产品的生产,包装和运输方面都达到了最高质量。

产品:采用不同包装的所有类型的蜂蜜,从 HORECA(酒店/餐厅/咖啡厅) 到散装(定做),还有所有类型的有机蜂蜜,冷加工蜂蜜配冻干水果。



标准和证书:FSSC(食品安全体系认证) 22000,有机欧盟,美国 FDA(美国食品药品监督管理局),HACCP系统 (危害和关键控制点的分析)证书

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