“Proleter” is a company existing on the industry map of Serbia and Southeastern Europe for decades. The company core business is the production of steel forgings and parts for motor vehicles, mechanical engineering, electrical industry, railways and the oil industry. Our company constantly strives to maintain the quality of its products and be recognized in the market. To achieve that, “Proleter” keeps working on improving the facility, the automation of processes and personnel as the most important pillars of the company.

The company comprises the following plants for:

  1. vehicle parts production
  2. process industry equipment
  3. machinery forgings.


  • Steel forgings in blacksmith tools from 0.3 to 20kg
  • Free-forged forgings of weight up to 100kg
  • High quality forgings for industry of tractors, trucks and buses.
  • Blacksmith’s tools for furring and piercing
  • Round steel chains according to JUS C. H4. 020 do JUS C. H4. 200 standard (calibrated and not calibrated)
  • Accompanying accessories for chains: connectors, buckles, links, hooks for lifting loads
  • Parts for thermal power plants, oil refineries, railways, cement plants, coal mines, etc.
  • Connections for the connection of pipes in the pipelines of pneumatic and hydraulic installations to the ERMETO system (with cut ring) according to M.B6.700 standard
  • Elements for air and steel suspension for buses (Sanos, Mercedes…)
  • Machine parts according to standard, customer’s design or according to sample
  • Machine parts for tractors, trucks and buses (for first installation)
  • Parts for power line and railway electrification (insulator chain elements and suspension equipment)
  • Chain conveyors of all shapes and sizes, chains for conveyors and parts for chain conveyors made of sheets and steel forgings
  • Rotary sieves for fine and coarse sieving
  • Machines for treating raspberries and other frozen fruits in cold storage (transport belts, vibrating sieves for selection, conveyors for transporting fruit and packaging)
  • Connecting cable cabinets made of aluminium for connecting electricity for individual or business construction
  • Special equipment and facilities according to the customer’s documentation/design.
  • Casting of silumin castings in sand and molds (metal mold)

Production capacities: Forging, machine processing, heat treatment, casting and galvanization.

Export markets: Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro.

Standards and certifications: SRPS ISO 9001:2015, SPRS ISO 14001:2015, SRPS ISO 45001:2018

A: Svetolika Lazarevića 14, 31230 Arilje, Serbia
P: +381 31 892 455