The factory of chocolate and chocolate desserts PREST has revived the Smilies brand in 2023. Equipped with modern machines from Italian manufacturers, PREST intends to please not only domestic market, but also the world market with new flavors of chocolate eggs and balls, as well as completely new products such as chocolate tablets and bars. The factory exclusively sources its main raw materials from Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy, ensuring standard and safe quality finished products.

Products: Chocolate pralines, balls and eggs,  chocolate tablets and chocolate bars.

Production capacities: 2500 tones of chocolate products per year

Export markets: North Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro

Standards and certifications: As the production process is initiated in 2023, standards and certifications are planned to be implemented  by the mid 2024.

A: Koste Pavlovića 35, Donje Medjurovo  18254 Niš

Fabrika PREST Bujanovac
A: selo Žbevac, 17521 Bujanovac

M: +381 63 834 88 23