Pollino Fruit

Pollino Fruit is a member of Pollino Group which incorporates POLLINO PLAST, that manufactures pallet boxes, plastic crates for fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, along with mulch foil; and POLLINO COLD STORAGE which specializes in cold storage construction design and build services, in addition to the distribution of refrigerated equipment. POLLINO FRUIT possesses a central cold storage warehouse in the heart of Serbia’s pomiculture region alongside the Danube River, in between the capital Belgrade and the center of the medieval Serbian Despotate, Smederevo. Besides our central cold storage warehouse, we operate facilities throughout Serbia along with our own delivery fleet. By utilizing superior logistics, procurement methods, and packaging; we are able to offer fresh fruit to the most prestigious supermarket chains worldwide. Customers have therefore recognized us for our high-quality standards along with fast and efficient delivery which we have been providing for many years to our clients globally.


  • Fresh strawberry
  • Fresh sweet cherry
  • Fresh sour cherry
  • Fresh blueberry
  • Fresh red currant
  • Fresh apricot
  • Fresh peach
  • Fresh nectarine
  • Fresh plum
  • Fresh pear
  • Fresh apple
  • Fresh quince
  • Fresh tomato
  • Fresh pepper

Production capacities:

  • Fresh strawberry – 500 tones
  • Fresh sweet cherry – 600tones
  • Fresh sour cherry – 200 tones
  • Fresh blueberry – 950 tones
  • Fresh red currant – 50 tones
  • Fresh apricot -500 tones
  • Fresh peach – 1000 tones
  • Fresh nectarine – 850 tones
  • Fresh plum -1200 tones
  • Fresh pear – 800 tones
  • Fresh apple – 5000 tones
  • Fresh quince – 100 tones
  • Fresh tomato – 1500 tones
  • Fresh pepper – 750 tones

Export markets: Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech republic, Austria, UK, Germany, Denmark, Holland, UAE, India, Mongolia and Russian federation.

Standards and certifications: Global gap

Pollino Fruit
Osmog oktobra 8A, 11307 (Ritopek) Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 63 29 12 31
E: office@pollinofruit.com