The company PODGORINA-VOĆE DOO has been established since 2008. We own drying capacities of 50 tons fresh plums per 24 hours.  By using natural gas as an energy source and low drying temperatures we are able to deliver a healthy and  tasty product that will satisfy the most demanding final consumer.

Our cooling capacity for freezing and storing of frozen fruit is 1200 tons.

We are ISO 22000:2018 certified company and we apply the best available technologies in all production processes.

Products: Dried prunes pitted and unpitted, in different calibrations according to the customer’s wishes

Production capacities: 750 t per year

Export markets: Germany, Italy, Montenegro, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Algeria, Morocco, Russia, etc.

Standards and certifications: HACCP ISO 22000/2018

A: Karađorđeva 176, 14253 Osečina
P: 0638681419
M: 0692289286
E: Podgorina.voce@gmail.com