Panjković Winery

A wine has its heritage, but the winery has its story. This is ours…

Near Smederevo, on the hills of Zlatni Breg, the first vines were planted back in the Romans time. On those same slopes, Miloš Obrenović bought a summer house called ‘’Zlatni Breg’’ with a vineyard, where he would enjoy the view of the Danube with a glass of excellent wine made from grapes of those hills.

The beauty and energy of this place was recognized by Miloš Panjković, who has 60 years ago expanded the vineyard with his family and created the Panjković Winery.

On a wonderful mineral terrain, which has a mild climate, with a magical reflection of the sun from the Danube, the Winery Panjković creates wines with a lot of care, love, and soul that gives a wine a “story” to tell. It gives a characteristic note that you can feel in each sip.

Our story is written by three basic characteristics: Joy, Courage and Wisdom. Joy presented in the challenge, boldness in cultivation and wisdom in combining different varieties of grapes in order to obtain an authentic flavour.

All our wines are produced in the vineyard, and there we pay great attention to the vineyard by using organic fertilizer, controlled yield without irrigation in order to save the imprint of the year in which the grapes ripened in every glass.

The winery itself is located within the vineyard. The time from the moment of harvesting to placement in controlled fermenters and vinifiers is under 30 minutes. Our goal is that the contact of oxygen with the grapes, throughout and with wine should be minimal and under controlled conditions. The moment a bottle of wine is opened, the wine breathes and tells you a story.

Products/Services: Wine production

Production capacities: 26,000 bottles

A: Nevesinjska 42, 11300 Smederevo, Serbia
P: +381 64 80 30 500
M: +381 63 207 914