Organik Fruit Trade

Twelve years ago we recognised the importance of organic fruit production for people’s health and environment, and its potential to develop poor agricultural regions of Serbia. We pioneered organic production on our own land, and later we consulted other producers in organic ways of production. Today our system
comprises of 12 projects that spread over 210 acres isolated from disruptive influence of air pollution and conventional production. To provide you with the best tasting fruit, our products come exclusively from small local producers (over 280 of them).

Testimonial for the quality of our products can be given by our satisfied clients: HG Food GmbH (Germany), Tradin Organic Agriculture B.V.(Netherlands), Pit
GmbH (Austria), Kraus und Kraus(Austria).

Products: Do you remember the taste of fruit from your childhood?
We offer your senses trip to the past with our organic fruit products of exquisite quality.
We trace our products from field to your table, in every step of production, so we can provide you with digital footprint for every product we offer.

  • IQF Strawberry
  • IQF Apricot
  • IQF Raspberry (Original, Rolend, Crumble), IQF Sour cherry, IQF Blackberry, IQF Plum
  • If you need some other organic fruit not mentioned here, we can get it for you!

We have available around 700 t yearly and in 10/1 kg packaging. Our products can be used in confectionery industry, for making jams and juices. Or without further processing, our products can be sold in supermarkets.

Certificates: We own sustainable certificates for organic plant production, processing and trade by Serbian standars (RS certificate), European standards (EOS certificate) and American standards (NOP certificate).

Organik Fruit Trade
A: Bosanska 12/1, 15000 Šabac, Serbia
M: +381 65 44 07 421