NS Bomi

The company exists more than 30 years, and we have several lines for the production of confectionery products. The production process based on traceability, supervision, quality in the entire production chain with compliance with all strict measures of hygiene and health protection, ensures the highest quality of products.

Proud of our own production plant, we started with the decision that our products with uncompromising quality and good taste will become part of a tradition that will last longer than we who started this story.

Products: Tea Pastry, Sandwich biscuit, Dessert sticks, Cream Spreads

Production capacities: Tea Pastry 20t-per day, Sandwich biscuit 18t-per day, Dessert sticks 4,5t – per day, Cream Spreads 4,5t – per day

Export markets:  Bosnia, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania

Standards and certifications: HACCP, IFS, RFA

A: Vojvode Mišića 121, Obrenovac, 11500
M: +381631054642
E: smijailovic@nsbomi.com