NISHA has been operating since 2010 and is now focused on harvesting and processing forest fruits.

The high quality of our products can also be recognized by the fact that all our products are certified as organic. The products are with added value because they are collected in the Vlasina area, a mountain that is a protected natural property of national importance. Specific features of biodiversity, richness of flora and fauna, but also the purest hydrological resource characterize these terrains. It is important to note that the closest industrial facility is 35 km away from our facility and that the chemisation and modernization of agriculture in particular has almost never been applied.
The brand name is associated with the origin of the raw material, but also in a modern way of processing. Unlike traditional forestry processes with a high degree of cooking and added sugar, our products have a completely different approach to processing.

Less is more
Organic spreads of blueberries, wild strawberries and blackberries are minimally heat-treated and without added sugar. The composition of our organic spreads is 100% fruit. One of the most important products is certainly organic dried mushrooms and chanterelles.
Organic dried porcini and chanterelle are our export base and most customers are currently in the German market.
Dedicate themselves to the preparation of healthy forest fruit products for their families. We want to combine tradition, which carries the power of memory, with the natural taste and dynamics of modern life.
Today’s mothers, due to their obligations, career or simply the pace of life, are not able to

Products: bio dry boletus, bio fruit spreads 100% fruit, bio fruit juices 100%fruits, bio osmotic dried 100%fruits, organic teas
Production Capacities: Forest fruits 10t /monthDry mushrooms 1t /month
Export markets: Germany, Italy
Standards and certifications: Bio certificate, HACCP certificate

Deligradska 26, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 69 33 30 117