Naš med

“Naš med” is honey processing factory founded by the Serbian Federation of Beekeeping Organizations (SPOS) which places honey from quality standard “Good beekeeping practice” under the brand name “Homeland honey” for foreign markets and “Naš med” for Serbian market. “Good beekeeping practice” is a private quality standard defined and developed by SPOS. It implies a series of measures and procedures a beekeeper needs to implement in order to create the preconditions for obtaining top quality honey.

“Naš med” doo collects high quality honey directly from SPOS` beekeepers and places honey in the country and abroad. Honey is sold without intermediaries, which practically means that you buy honey directly from SPOS` beekeepers. SPOS was founded 126 years ago and now has more than 8.000 member beekeepers. It offers honey of various plant and geographical origins from Serbia which composition and quality remain unchanged thanks to the standardized method of processing, handling and storage.

Products: High quality honey (acacia, sunflower, mountain meadow, honeydew, linden, rapeseed…) produced according to “Good beekeeping practice” in metal barrels of 290 kg (with bisphenol-free coating), smaller barrels or buckets, as well as in any other smaller packaging from 30 g to 1,000 g, according to the customer’s choice. Honey is also packed in 12 g teaspoons, as well as in small bags.

Production capacities: Total production capacity is 3.000 tons per year.

Export markets: EU, UAE, CEFTA countries.

Standards and certifications: HALAL, BRC-FOOD SAFETY-EDITION 8, HACCP, “Good beekeeping practice”.

Pogon za prikupljanje i plasman meda pčelara SPOS-a “Naš med” doo Rača
A: 2 Solunskih ratnika Street, 34210 Rača, Republic of Serbia
M: +381604440707
P: +381116128071