Since 1994, we have been steadily advancing thanks to our high goals and uncompromising commitment to business.  As a result of our work in the fields of quality improvement and modernization of the production systems, we have become leader in Serbia in production of stretch film, and other plastic packaging films. Production facilities of the Company are situated in Nova Pazova.

With a capacity of more than 20 production machines, we successfully meet the needs of our and foreign markets with: thermo shrinkable films, three layer -seven layer stretch films, stretch hood, air bubble film, thermo bags for pallets, industrial bags, agro films. Stretch film, our specialty, could be ordered from 0.010mm to 0.06mm, including custom made thickness   and the following types of stretch: Hand stretch (standard and pre-stretched), Machine stretch (standard, Super quality, Super power quality and pre-stretched) and Seven layers stretch film. With one hundred highly motivated employees and 6810 m2 different (production, warehouses, office) facilities, we can successfully fulfill your every request.

A: Njegoševa 111, 22330 Nova Pazova, Serbia
P: +381 22 32 17 58 | +381 22 32 33 64