Moravka Pro

Company Moravka was created in the early seventies of the last century, on the foundations of a paprika factory and a decades-long tradition in the production of ground paprika. Today, the company Moravka Pro from Leskovac employs over 200 workers and produces over 10.000 tons of finished product annually. The factory consists of three segments: Factory of traditional and instant coffee, Factory of waffles and confectionery products, Factory of packaged products (soups and sauces, food additives, spices, paprika, puddings and whipped cream, grain and cereal products, small packages).

Moravka Pro has a wide range of products, through developed own brands: Moravka Pro, Garden spices, SooSoo, Nutri pro, Waffer, Café Kafica, Mister Fit, Storia Finita, Nera coffee, Iz Vodenice. In addition to its own brands, Moravka is a well-known private label producer. More than half of Moravka’s production is the preparation of products for PL, private brands of renowned domestic and international retail chains.

Moravka has high standards and control in all stages of production, from procurement, processing, packaging, control in the distribution part, which guarantees that meals and desserts prepared using its products are healthy and tasty and beautiful, in accordance with the requirements and expectations of consumers. Certificates that Moravka owns: IFS, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 guarantee the fulfillment of the company’s mission regarding quality and safety of products, environmental responsibility, Occupational Health & Safety. Moravka pro can deliver RFA and RSPO certified products, accordingly to customer request. Every day a team of experts from Moravka PRO makes sure that the highest requirements, needs and expectations of consumers are met. What makes Moravka stand out is constant innovation: in new technologies, products, production lines, tastes, as well as investment in personnel of different profiles, primarily young and educated people who will make up the future of this company.

Products: Coffee (traditional, instant), teas, Wafers, Puddings, Soups and Spices, Cereals, and Whipped Cream, Nuts and seeds, Grain mill products, small packages.

Production capacities: 15000t

Export markets: Makedonija, Slovenija, Hrvatska, Rumunija, Bosna, Crna Gora, Mađarska.

Standards and certifications: IFS, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

Moravka Pro doo
A: Tekstilna 97 Leskovac
P: +381 16 265 560
M: +381 62 800 15 23