Mondi Lamex

Mondi Lamex is a company whose main activity is processing & distributing high quality frozen berries around the world. It contains modern red-fruit processing factory with implemented high quality assurance standards, last generation laser sorting equipment, flow freezing tunnels and fully automated packaging lines. In addition to IQF production, it also has a modern line for production of frozen fruit purees. As a part of the Lamex Food Group, company is present in all major markets globally.

1. IQF Fruit
2. Deep Frozen Single Strength Fruit Puree
3. Fruit Puree Drops
Fruit type: Raspberry, Blackberry, Sour Cherry, Strawberry (conventional & organic)

Production capacities per year:

  • 8.000 tons IQF Fruit processing capacity
  • 10.000 tons DFSS Fruit Puree capacity
  • 5.200 tons Insite storage capacity

Export markets: US & Canada, EU, Scandinavia, East Europe, Japan
Standards and certifications: BRC, Global GAP, USDA Organic, EcoCert, Kosher, SMETA

Kralja Milana 117 Vrdila, 36000 Kraljevo, Serbia
+ 381 36 823 020
+381 62 199 1014