Molovin Winery

The secret line that connects all these places, as the experienced winemakers and hedonists know, is a parallel that marks the 45° latitude. On this parallel lies the Italian region of Piedmont, Bordeaux in France, the Lillenau Peninsula in Michigan, but also – Molovin, a village in the south of the Pannonian Plain and on the slopes of Fruška Gora.

The first grape vines here were planted by the order of Marcus Aurelius Probus in the third century AD as his wish to “gift wine to the ordinary people in this part of Europe”. Vineyards planted at that time are still giving their gifts at 220m above sea level, surrounded by forests and pastures.

Molovin is the first IFS certificated winery in Serbia.

Products/Services: Inat Frankovka, Inat Traminac, Inat Rose, Inat Merlot limited edition, Inat Rajnski Rizling limited edition, Poligraf cuve crveno, Poligraf cuve belo, Poligraf cuve rose

Production capacities: 200,000 litters annually

Standards and certifications: IFS Standard

Vinčić Winery

The Vinčić family has been growing vines and producing wine for decades. The passion and dedication to the art of viticulture and winemaking enchants every visitor at first glance. With deep roots in tradition, but also the courage to explore new paths, the Vinčić Winery has become synonymous with elegance and quality.

Vinčić winery’s philosophy is to produce wine only in the years when the vineyard produces the best wine. This means that in the winery you will not find wine from every vintage, but only from those vintages in which the climatic conditions are such that the vineyard can produce the highest quality.

Products/Services: Grašac 2020, Grand fru, Pet nat Pinot noir, Pet nat traminac, White reserve 2012, Red reserve 2010, Amfora 2017

Production capacities: 20.000. l annual

A: Zlatka Šnajdera 2,22240 Šid, Serbia
P: +381 65 24 28 160
M: +381 64 88 78 627

A: Zlatka Šnajdera 2,22240 Šid, Serbia