Mitsides Point

The main activity of the company is the production of dry and fresh pasta. Mitsides Point d.o.o. at its headquarters in Sremska Mitrovica, it owns a factory line for the production of fresh and fully automated factory for the production of dried pasta. “Panona Durum” and “Panona” are brands by which company’s products are recognizable in the market. The main goal of company is to strive for constant growth, development and improvement of business that will meet the needs of end consumers and business partners. Accordingly, we have an obligation to provide high quality products in the market through investments in production processes and technology, striving to be recognized and valued in the manufacturing industry by the quality provided. A fully equipped laboratory also functions within the company for the testing of cereals and pasta products, which enables the daily control of both finished products and the control of raw materials upon receipt. The company’s production accounts for 30% of the production of PL brands on the domestic market for Mercator PL Grano doro pasta, Fidelinka pasta brand and abroad for Macedonia – KAM Gusto pasta, in Croatia for the NTL trade chain – Panea PL pasta, in BIH for MB Đurić – PL pasta YES! and Klas Sarajevo – Klas pasta. The development plan in the coming period is reflected in the expansion of production in the branch of PL brands, meeting new customers, B2B meetings and product placement in new markets.

Products: Dry and fresh pasta different shapes – Spaghetti, Tubeti lisci, Penne rigate, Conhiglie grandi,Tricolore fusilli, Shrimps, Fusilli, Mafalde, Ravioli with ham and cheese and Lasagnas

Production capacities: 13.000t on a yearly level

Export markets: Republic of North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Lebanon, Kuwait and Great Britain

Standards and certifications: IFS 7, HACCAP I SMETA standard

A: Draginje Nikšić bb, 22000 Sremska Mitrovica, Republika Srbija
P: +381 22/ 610-730