“Minela” was founded in 1999 by investing the capital realized in the family circle by the founder Stanojković Nebojša, who is the full owner and director of the company. Since its founding, the company has grown steadily.

Its priorities are reflected in: constant innovation in the field of the food industry, improving the quality of the offer, commitment to employees and the local community.

Products: Fruit drinks and juices in Doypack packaging, Ice lollies, Ice lolly cones, Low alcoholic beverages, Collagen powder.

Production capacities: Fruit drinks and juices in Doypack packaging 600.000 litres per month, Ice lollies 562.500 litres per month, Ice lolly cones 200.000 units per day, Low alcoholic beverages 70.000 units per day, Collagen powder 50.000 units per day.

Export markets: France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Poland

Standards and certifications: SRPS ISO 9001:2008, SRPS EN ISO 22000:2007.

A: Kralja Petra I, 34227, Batočina, Serbia
P: +381 34 6841 280
M: +381653012818
E: office@minela.rs , mina@minela.rs