Meraxes Solutions & Services

Meraxes Solutions & Services is a provider of efficient and innovative solutions, established by a team of professionals with a mission to offer clients IT and business development services and solutions utilizing cutting-edge technologies. By integrating an understanding of business processes with modern IT technologies, tools and systems, we add value to various industries by creating custom solutions.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • software and hardware solution development
  • IoT solution development
  • AI solution development, and
  • development of services for third parties

Our primary objectives are to assist clients in enhancing their operational business processes through the implementation of advanced IT and embedded systems, and to establish ourselves as a reliable partner, offering exceptional expertise, knowledge and services to support new and existing projects.

Product: VendMIND
VendMIND, is an all-in-one IoT platform designed specifically for the businesses in vending industry. This unique software and hardware system includes an embedded IoT device, web-based management software, VendMIND operations mobile app for fillers and operators, and a VendMIND eWallet mobile app for consumers. Empowered by AI, VendMIND is powerful expert in managing the complete vending business. VendMIND support vending companies to manage their operations with greater efficiency, agility, and consumer-centricity, ultimately increasing sales and user engagement.

Product: Chatislav – Chat/AI platform
Chatislav is a chat/AI platform which allows you to empower your website with a new interactive expert, in just few clicks, without need for programming. The AI model learn and train with the data of your choice, thus enabling the benefits of your personal ChatGPT. The platform provides an interactive AI web experience to users, while transforming static browsing of webpages into a dynamic conversation between user and your data in the form of a chatbot.

A: Bul. Milutina Milankovića 11g, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 412 4380