Mecatech Industry

The main activity of the company is the mass production of metals and plastics on automated CNC machines, the business unit is located one hour away from Belgrade.

The company does business with numerous companies from various industries: aviation, medicine, furniture, automotive, railway, electronics, hydraulics, and similar.

CNC automatic machines the company owns process parts from ø1 to ø32mm and from 0.5 to 1000 mm in length. Each machine has an operating tool. Production is possible for series from 100 to 1,000,000 pieces. The company has the following equipment: several CNC machines from ø1 to ø32 mm, equipment for quality control of parts; projector profile, contour graph, microscopes, surface roughness tester, and other numerous precise measuring instruments necessary for detailed check of products.

The most common materials that are processed are stainless steel 303/304 / 316L, aluminium, steel, brass, titanium, plastic. The company also owns washing machines for parts, as well as machines for polishing parts. The products are mainly placed on the market of Western Europe, but also on the market of Serbia.

Products: connections, shafts, screws, nuts, bushings, cylinders, valves, washers, assemblies

Production capacities: 12 CNC machines, washing machines, polishing machines

Export markets: France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001: 2015

Mecatech Industry
A: Žirovnica, 34227 Batočina, Serbia
P: +381 34 86 31 41
M: +381 62 83 34 053 ǀ +336 72 06 57 85 (FR)