Kord2 was founded in 1979. The main activity of the company is the production of spare parts for industrial equipment. Rubber, silicone, rubber-metal and metal parts are produced for most industries. In addition to the domestic market, a significant part of the assortment is exported to the European countries.
Kord2 uses only certified raw materials in the production process.

Products for equipment in the ceramic industry:

  • Rubber scraper 54x32x18
  • Disc outside diameter 195mm, 150mm
  • Natural rubber outside diameter 40mm
  • Iron pin diam. 12x127mm
  • Scraper guide 2400mm, 1684mm
  • Presser with PU wheels diameter 25mm, 21mm,28mm
  • Rubber rings 44x60mm, internal diameter 25mm
  • Stainless steel holder with rubber
  • Iron rolls dimension 35x1240mm, 35x740mm, 35x544mm
  • Ejector for tiles
  • Rubber anti-vibration cap H.12,5mm
  • Iron plate with grey rubber 70sh, 65x40x33
  • Rubber hose diameter 50mm
  • Support for pressure
  • Rubber V-belt C360
  • Iron handle Fe37,  thickness 5mm i 3mm
  • Iron plates 160x40mm
  • Paletta sagomata 120x60mm

Products for equipment in the cardboard packaging industry:

  • Wheels H.40mm, H30mm
  • Rubber and silicon sucker outside diameter 80mm,85mm
  • Steel plate  40×300, 40×230, 66×40
  • Transparent silicon sucker V35/L
  • Red rubber plate 60x38x10mm
  • Rubber sucker 50x20mm
  • Silicone sucker 60x10mm
  • Rubber sucker diameter 50mm
  • Silicone suckers 67x17mm, 50×20

Production capacities:
Products in the ceramic industry: 160,000 pieces
Products for equipment in the cardboard packaging industry: 140,000 pieces

Export Markets: Italy, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Standards and certifications: Pan Cert ISO9001   438-23, Pan Cert ISO14001 439-23, Pan Cert ISO45001 440-23

A: Mladena Stojanovica 23A Indjija, Serbia
P: +381 22 551 086
M: +381 63 518 261
E: info@kord2.com