JS&O is a company that grows and processes pumpkin seeds. Virgin oil, cold-pressed oil and pumpkin seeds of different flavors form the backbone of portfolio. The factory is located in the north of Serbia and is the largest of its kind in the Balkans. Since the fields where the pumpkin is grown are in the immediate vicinity of the factory, it only takes 8 hours for the seeds to be harvested, washed, dried and ready for processing. JS&O is in possession of IFS, ISO 9001 and Organic certificate.

Products: virgin pumpkin seed oil, cold pressed pumpkin seed oil, cold pressed sunflower oil, cold pressed flaxseed oil, cold pressed sesame oil, raw pumpkin seed, baked pumpkin seed, variety of baked pumpkin seeds with flavors, pumpkin seeds in dark chocolate, pumpkin protein.

Production capacities: Processing up to 1000 tons of seed per year

Export markets: China, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Standards and certifications: IFS; ISO 22000, 9001; Organic certificate, HCCP

Južna industrijska zona 14, 23273 Novo Miloševo, Serbia
M: +381 63 86 51 463
E: office@jso.rs