Jelički dukat

Jelički dukat is an old strong plum brandy, which originates from the Prodanović family orchards in Pridvorica, a little village on the eastern slopes of the mountain Jelica, in the heart of Serbia.

Jelički dukat is made from the hand-picked, best quality variety of plums and aged exclusively in oak barrels for 12 years. This process of production is completely natural, resulting in its golden colour and deep, rich flavour which slightly resembles cognac with its perfect harmony and balance of aromas. The whole process of growing, distilling, ageing and blending is done with great passion and care by family Prodanović, proudly passing the tradition, innovation and knowledge from generation to generation.

Jelički dukat carries rightly the epithet of the Quality Champion, received at the 70th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad in 2002. This recognition makes Jelički dukat unique on the market, and its reputation has grown very quickly by continuing to receive awards at the prestigious fairs in Novi Sad: Great Gold -2003 and Great Gold -2013.


  • Jelički dukat Plum Brandy 12 years old
  • Kajsijevača – Apricot Brandy  7 years old

Production capacities:

  • Jelički dukat Plum Brandy 12 years old – 25.000 bottles
  • Kajsijevača – Apricot Brandy  7 years old – 10.000 bottles

Export markets: Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Slovenia

Standards and certification: HCCP

A: Pridvorica bb, 32000 Čačak, Serbia
P: +381 32 32 00 60