ITN Group

ITN GROUP is a company established in 1992, with the aim to implement new technologies in food industry. The company consists of ITN AgroTech (agriculture machinery and engineering in agriculture), ITN FoodTech (production equipment, designing and engineering in the field of food industry) and ITN Eko Povlen Kosjeric (the factory for processing and packaging of IQF fruit and vegetables) and Budimka (the factory for processing and packaging of jelly fruits and pasteurized vegetables).

Products: Primarily IQF raspberries, sour cherry, blackberry, strawberry, plum, blueberry, forest fruits as well as vegetables – pea, sweet corn, green bean, etc. Our organic assortments consists of: IQF raspberries, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, red currant and black currant. Products have been packed under the All Fresco brand, as well as different private label brands. In addition to that, all assortment can be packed in Click-lock boxes, PE bags, doy-pouch bags with re-sealable mechanism PET punnets and industrial packaging.

Production capacities: Today, ITN Eko Povlen Kosjeric manages to process and pack over 12,000 tons of berries.
Export markets: EU, Russia, Asia, USA, New Zealand, Canada.
Standards and certifications: The factory has applied all the latest technology quality standards such as: HACCP, ISO 9001/2015, BRC, IFS, SMETA, FDA, NOP, Halal, Kosher, Global Gap, Organic and Wal Mart.

ITN GROUP是一家成立于1992年的公司,旨在将新技术应用于食品行业该公司包括:ITN AgroTech(农业机械和工程)、ITN FoodTech(食品工业领域的生产设备、设计和工程)和ITN Eko Povlen Kosjeric(速冻水果和蔬菜加工和包装工厂)以及 Budimka(果冻水果和巴氏杀菌蔬菜的加工和包装工厂)。

产品: 主要是速冻覆盆子、酸樱桃、黑莓、草莓、李子、蓝莓、森林水果以及蔬菜——豌豆、甜玉米、绿豆等。我们的有机品种包括:速冻覆盆子、黑莓、草莓、蓝莓、红醋栗和黑醋栗。产品以All Fresco品牌以及不同的自有品牌进行包装。除此之外,所有品种都可以用锁扣盒、PE 袋、具有可重复密封机制的自编袋、PET 小袋和工业包装进行包装。

生产能力:如今,ITN Eko Povlen Kosjeric 已成功加工和包装超过了 12,000 吨浆果。
出口市场: 欧盟、俄罗斯、亚洲。
标准与认证:工厂已应用所有最新技术质量标准,例如:HACCP、ISO 9001/2015、BRC、IFS、SMETA、FDA、NOP、Halal、Kosher、Global Gap、有机和 Wal Mart。

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