Intellya is a product-first company that drives business transformation for its clients by creating highly sophisticated software solutions empowered by AI. Intellya supports business digitalization, increases customer and employee satisfaction, and guides overall goal-achieving through AI, real-time decision making and smart automation. As of November 2022, Intellya is a Noventiq company.


  • Selecta: AI-based CRM solution – Selecta is an AI-based CRM solution that enables companies to grow their sales, optimize marketing efforts and create satisfaction for end customers. Through data centralization, optimization of all company flows, and facilitation of the decision-making process in real-time, it levels up both interior and exterior relationships of the company. Selecta can be used by a wide range of departments in the company, helping both customer-facing and management roles to be well-equipped during day-to-day communication with customers, track performance and make decisions.
  • Weaver: AI Virtual Assistant – Weaver is a top-of-the-line AI platform manifested in the form of a sophisticated virtual assistant, developed to adjust to the company’s interactive needs. The solution helps companies provide their customers with faster and easier access to information about products, expose advanced and completely new services, and optimize the overall user experience across multiple communication channels. Weaver improves customer experience through interactive conversation, extended hours, instant gratification, and the role of the company’s client advisor.
  • Weaver Peer: Knowledge-based AI Assistant – Weaver Peer is a knowledge-based AI assistant solution that leverages the company’s knowledge incorporated into documents, helps overcome resource limitations and provides answers and assistance to employees in real time. It enables business-specific process automation and knowledge sharing, beyond general information and with the possibility of a specific approach to every employee based on their role, placement in the company hierarchy and policies. Weaver Peer is the shining example of combining the AI Virtual Assistant- Weaver with Intellya’s AI core and arming business users with the power of AI.

Export markets: Qatar, Azerbaijan, Albania, Kosovo and Metohia

Standards and certificates: ISO9001-2015, ISO22301-2019, ISO27001-2013

A: Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 64a, 11070, Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 31 08 604
M: +381 69 50 43 921