“IMLEK is a regional company that conducts its business on the territories of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Imlek buys milk from several thousand farmers-cooperators in Serbia, jointly meeting European standards and criteria when it comes to quality. A tradition lasting more than half a century, expert staff, modern technology and continuous improvement of the production process have led to Imlek putting on the market every day more than 200 different dairy products.
Numerous investments have led to the highest level of product quality as well as to many awards and recognitions for quality- from different fair events and independent analyses of products that are on the market.
Imlek continuously works on improving its system for quality management, food safety and environmental protection, as well as the systems for managing health protection and work safety which is confirmed by the certificate it holds and maintains.
Besides the clearly recognizable brands such as the Moja Kravica and Balans+ and different types of milk, it especially invests in its functional products segment, meaning that besides providing the consumers with high quality raw materials and products and modern and practical packaging, they are also provided with dairy products that contain additional ingredients that are beneficial for different aspects of the human organism and health.
Besides being market oriented, the company also works on social issues. Imlek has decided a long-time ago to give its biggest support to children and socially challenged structures.”

Products: Milk and milk products (sterilized milk, pasteurized milk and milk products, sour milk products, cheeses, butter, organic products)
Export markets: Regional Markets, EU countries, Russian Federation
Standards and certifications: ISO9001; ISO22000; ISO14001; BSOHSAS18000; IFSv6; HALAL

“IMLEK 是一家区域性公司,在塞尔维亚、黑山、波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那以及马其顿的领土上开展业务。Imlek 从塞尔维亚的数千名农民合作伙伴那里购买牛奶,在质量方面共同达到欧洲的准则和标准。半个多世纪的传统、专业的员工、现代化的技术和生产过程的不断改进,使 Imlek 每天都有超过 200 种不同的乳制品投放市场。


Imlek 不断致力于改进其质量管理、食品安全和环境保护体系,以及被其持有和维护的证书所认可的健康保护和工作安全管理体系。

除了Moja Kravica、Balans+等知名品牌和不同类型的牛奶,它还特别投资于功能性产品领域,这意味着除了为消费者提供高品质的原材料和产品以及现代实用的包装外,还提供含有额外成分的乳制品,这些成分对人体有机体和健康的各个方面都有益。


产品: 牛奶和奶制品(灭菌奶、巴氏杀菌奶和奶制品、酸奶制品、奶酪、黄油、有机产品)
出口市场: 区域市场、欧盟国家、俄罗斯联邦
标准与认证:ISO9001; ISO22000; ISO14001; BSOHSAS18000; IFSv6; HALAL

A: Industrijsko naselje bb, 11213 Padinska Skela, Serbia
P: +381 11 3050 505