Geneza is a producer air-dried vegetables and herbs of a wide range in Serbia. The company owns cultivational territories and two complex dehydration plants, that allow them to offer the best local natural products with a variety of quality measures and granulation with overall traceability.

Thanks to the sustainable farms and modern internal laboratory on hand, Geneza is ready to provide fully controlled production, which now produces as to the global FSSC, Kosher and Halal standards.

The dehydration plant is working with a unique 3rd party audited pre-drier system, which makes Geneza products outstanding in their micro results, also allows them to keep their very natural color.


Parsley leaves,
Dill tips,
Coriander leaves,
Spinach leaves and powder,
Kale powder,
Carrot cubes and power,
Parsley root,
Broccoli powder,
Parsnip root and powder,
Beetroot and powder,
Potato cubes,
Green beans
Green peas

Production capacities: 3 000 tons of dried herbs and vegetables per year

Export markets: over 300 partners globally in Europe, the USA, South America, Australia, and Canada.

Standards and certifications: EURO origin statements, FSSC, Kosher,Halal.

A: Put Narodnih Heroja 17, Kanjiza 24420, Serbia
P: +381 24 87 49 87
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