Fun&Fit Company

The Fun&Fit company was founded in 1991. Its main activity is the production and packaging of cereals, commodity, dried fruit and appetizers, and the company’s portfolio is divided into three brands – Fun&Fit, JUMBO and ABC. A significant segment in the business is the packaging of private label. Constant business improvement is one of the company’s main goals, and customers prefer it as their partner due to the high rating of the IFS certificate (99.35% in 2022), and also because of other quality parameters.


JUMBO: Roasted peanuts salted, Fried salted peanuts, Roasted unsalted peanuts, Spicy roasted peanuts, Bibiriki, Roasted peanuts in shell, Shelled peanuts salted vacuum, Peanuts in shell salted, Roasted salted pistachios, Roasted peeled hazelnut, Raw hazelnut, Roasted salted cashew nut, Roasted peeled salted almond, Raw almond, Mix Student, Mix Cocktail, Mix Fantasia, Mix Protein, Mix Energy, Mix Power, Mix Choco, Mix Caramel, Sunflower in the shell roasted salted, Roasted sunflower shelled salted, Pumpkin seeds roasted salted, Pumpkin seeds peeled roasted salted, Pumpkin seeds peeled raw, Corn microwave butter, Corn microwave salted

Fun&Fit: Granola, Muesli, Muesli Crunchy, Muesli, Protein, Cornflakes, Kids Mix chocolate balls, Kids Choco Shells, Oat flakes, Rye, Barley and Spelt flakes, Mix 5 flakes, Mix 5+5 flakes, Immuno flakes, Protein and raw bites, Cheese bites, Plum Pleasure Plum in cocoa dressing, Oatmeal different tastes, Organic oat flakes, Organic Cornflakes, Organic Muesli Classic, Organic Muesli Raspberry and chocolate

ABC: Kočanski rice, Round rice grain, white, peeled, Long grain white peeled rice, Whole grain rice, Long grain white peeled rice, Round grain white peeled rice, Potato smash, Wheat semolina, Corn Flour, White corn flour, Palenta, Wheat Belija, Popcorn corn, Bean Gradištanac, Seasame, Ground poppy seeds, Cranberry, Coconut flour, Exotic Mix,Fruit Mix, Dry Grapes, Dried figs, Dried plum with stone, Dried plum without stone.

Production capacities: 8000 T

Export markets: North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Lebanon

Standards and certifications: IFS

Fun&Fit Company
A: Batajnički put 12, 11080 Zemun
P: +38111 3713 500
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