Fruct Company

Fruct Company has been successfully operating for 16 years, producing and exporting fresh fruits for the international market. The company’s main business is commercial apple production. Fruct Company owns 20 hectares of plantings in Central Serbia, the temperature zone with cold winters and sunny, dry summers, where apples grow well.

For higher efficiency of production, the stable harvesting and high quality of the fruits, our orchards are equipped with:

  • Fertilization units
  • Drip irrigation system
  • Anti-hail nets
  • Plant support systems

In order for the harvested crop to be stored as long as possible, without losing its nutritional properties and appearance,  we use controlled Ultra Low Oxygen storage: by reducing the oxygen concentration, the process of natural decomposition of fruit tissues slows down, which allows preserving the taste characteristics.

Using modern fruit grading machines by UNITEC, our company consistently achieves our client’s quality requirements every season.The Unitec line analyzes each fruit inside and out, detecting size, weight, color, stem bowl cracks, sunburn, punctures, russet, internal browning, water core and internal bruising. Our packaging capacity is up to 10 tons per hour.

Our total capacity for export is 10 000 – 12 000 tons of fresh apples per season and also we export peaches, plums, nectarines and blueberries.

The company strictly adheres to ISO 22000 and guarantees that the products meet all international standards and do not contain GMOs.

A: 11332, Heroj Srbe 27, Udovice, Smederevo, Serbia
M: +381 69 712 077,