Since its establishment in May 2017, Friglo has been ensuring the full control of frozen food production process and offering to its customers the products of top quality at affordable prices. The factory with the cold storage of the total area of 10,000 m2 was built on a 15-hectare lot.

Friglo is located in the raw material centre, in the same system with the company Sveti Nikola, one of the leading agricultural companies in Serbia, which grows various crops on the area of over 4,500 ha of first-class agricultural land.

Products: monocomponent deep-frozen vegetables: peas, green and yellow beans, sweetcorn, broccoli, spinach; deep-frozen vegetable mixes: royal mix, stew, golden mix, Russian salad, broth; deep-frozen fruit: strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry and one fruit mix (raspberry, strawberry, sour cherry and redcurrant)

Production capacities:  ca. 15,000 tons

Export markets: Belgium: 35.75%; Russia: 21.41%; Germany: 12.32%, Bosnia and Herzegovina: 7.45%; Slovenia: 4.49%; Spain: 2.47%; Denmark: 2.46%; Bulgaria: 2.45%; Croatia: 2.44%; Macedonia: 2.37%; Albania: 2.05%; Poland: 1.90%; Montenegro: 0.70%; Italy: 0.50%; France: 0.50%

Standards and certifications: BRC, IFS and GlobalGap. The certification process for the IFS standard provides Friglo with the Confirmation on compliance with principles and guidelines of HACCP Codex Alimentarius on annual level.

A: Borisa Kidrica 2a, 23244 Sutjeska, Serbia
P: +381 11 71 56 604
M: +381 66 80 35 631