Forma BM

FORMA BM is dedicated to the production of the healthy and quality apples in accordance with high standards production methodology. Its apple orchards are located on the highly fertile land of Fruška gora at 220 m above sea level. Orchards are cultivated in excellent conditions, which protects them against various plant diseases, minimizing damage from various weather conditions and improving the overall quality of fruit. Its most modern cold storage ULO system keeps the fruit fresh and healthy.

Products/Services: Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Fuji

Production capacities: 3,000 t

Export markets: Russia, Spain, UAE, Quatar, Kuwait, India, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia

Standards and certifications: Non-GMO products, G.A.P certificate

Forma BM
A: Maradička bb, Krušedol, 22406 Irig, Serbia
P: +381 22 82 59 75
M: +381 65 30 58 505