ES Komerc

Company was founded in 1992 and now Es Komerc has a retail chain of 30 supermarket stores and a full scale organic production which is supported by more than 60 partners, local fruit producers. Company has cold storages capable of storing 1300 tons for deep-frozen fruit, production facility for the production of
conventional and organic pasta (home-made manufacture), production facility for the production of frozen pizza and frozen pies, production facility for the production of extra jams and juices.

References: we are present in the largest retail chains Mercator, Idea, Roda, Idea Organic, DM drogerie markt, Univerexport, DIS, Gomex.

Products: The production of organic products is done in a most natural way to the benefit of consumers with a high level of quality control in order to create superior products indispensable for a healthy lifestyle. The products have already earned enormous market reputation within Ex-Yu countries. The product assortment contains Organic pasta (buckwheat, spelt and egg pasta), Organic jams and Organic juices. The products are 100% natural and without any additives, top quality for the preservation of your health and beauty. Quality is our top priority, we take care of our partners/ fruit producers and their products with the best of care to preserve nutritious, healthy, safe and affordable products and by treating them in a manner we would like others to treat us, fairly and respectfully.

Production capacities: Organic Jam 200t, Pasta 1.000.000 pcs, Juice 100.000 lit /year

Export markets: Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden.

Standards and certifications: Organic EU, IFS Food, Halal

ES Komerc
A: Velika Župa bb, 31300 Prijepolje, Serbia
P: +381 33 77 13 42
M: +381 64 85 68 877