ELSYS Eastern Europe

ELSYS Eastern Europe provides high quality IC design and verification service worldwide, ranging from ASIC to the most complex SoC design. Some of the biggest companies in the world entrusted us with their most difficult projects.

20 years of organically growing, we have put together a portfolio of service offerings that can help customers with all phases of their design. From concept to prototype to SoC into ASIC level development we have the right tools, experience, and skill sets to allow you to achieve your product needs. We provide services in the area of Embedded Systems, Hardware System Design, ASIC/ IP/ SoC Design, PCB Design, FPGA Design, IC Layout, Verification, Validation, and Test Dev & Automation.

All our 1000+ engineers have degrees in the appropriate domains and are full-time employees of our company. We are an international company with locations in Serbia, France, Portugal and US allowing for us to customize a solution that works best for you.

A: Omladinskih brigada 90e, Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 450 20 50
E: contact@elsys-eastern.com