Based in the heart of the West Serbia, Drenovac is a family-run and very friendly firm, committed to organic, fairtrade, the environment, especially for people who believe in quality. Drenovac story begins since 1992 in the fields of raspberries, blackberries and many other fruits and it ends in perfectly crunchy products of high quality on world market. What sets the company apart is the great quality and flexible Minimum Order Quantity that allows small and medium-sized companies to grow.

Drenovac freeze dried fruit is healthy, delicious, crispy and have a great look, because we have used quality fruit from our farmers and classical vacuum technology without infrared and microwaves to save the fruit and environment.

Our vision: Drenovac tends to create a system of value where everyone has access to good taste and look of freeze dried fruit, where people will remember us with a unique quality in the world of healthy food and the good character of the employed people.

Our mission: Each client must have the right to buy and enjoy the best crispy fruit.


  • Freeze dried BIO raspberry
  • Freeze dried BIO strawberry
  • Freeze dried BIO blueberry
  • Freeze dried BIO blackberry

Production capacities: 80-100t/year

Export markets: Europe, Russian Federation, UAE

Standards and certifications: IFS FOOD, ORGANIC, GLOBALG.A.P., PDO

A: Mirosaljci bb, 31230 Arilje, Serbia
P: +381 31 38 99 233
M: +381 60 38 99 233
E: kvalitet@drenovac.co.rs